Ridge Vineyards

Tucked quietly away in the Santa Cruz Mountains just west of Cupertino is the Ridge Vineyards winery. The original facilities, where the wine is still made today, is located at an elevation of 2,300 ft. I took this photo a little ways down at an elevation of 2,237 ft.

As you drive up a winding road to get to the tasting room, you are occasionally offered a quick glimpse of the panoramic views that are in store for you. From the winery itself, the wide panoramic vistas offer a refreshing perspective from those you normally see driving down the highways. Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy the views too much as the weather was not entirely cooperative and felt the need to rain a bit. I can't exactly complain as California is in a serious drought and tasting the wines was a great experience.

South bay vineyard on Monte Bello Ridge.