Mount Fuji

One of the most well known symbols in Japan, Mount Fuji is frequently depicted in art and photographs. It has a number of special designations, notably including being recently added as a  UNESCO World Cultural Site in 2013. Originally, when I was planning my visit to Japan I wanted to hit was being marketed as the Golden Triangle - Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, and Kyoto. In the end I visited a few more towns, but seeing Mt. Fuji up close and personal remained.

I am told it's quite difficult to photograph as the top of mountain is frequently shrouded in clouds, so I was lucky to get any shot at all of it with a clear view. I didn't realize it's actually an active volcano, and kind of imagine that if it ever does erupt again, it will do so in the cinematic fashion of a Godzilla movie, causing mass chaos and fear. Hopefully that doesn't happen though - Japan has had enough chaos with Fukushima already.

Mount Fuji, a UNESCO World Cultural Site.