I still can't get over the way these Ovahimba children manage to just pose and stare at you with such intensity. Some of these families might see tourists just once a month or so, but they seem extremely well adopted to having their photos taken.

In Himba culture, the hairstyle is used to indicate age and social status. The two braids signify that this girl is a child, and the fact that they cover her eyes lets you know that she's hit puberty.

This photo was taken with a Sony RX1R. I rented it for my trip as a secondary camera, but have been blown away by its image quality and bokeh. I love having a full frame camera in such a small package. I just wish the EVF (electrical view finder) was a bit offset from the LCD back so people with non-flat noses like myself could enjoy using the EVF more. Sony, hurry up and fix the ergonomic issue and release a new version of this camera so I can buy it!

The intense stare of a Himba girl.