Don't Envy Anything In This World

Don't Envy Anything In This World

Welcome to the Taesongsan Fun Fair! One of only a handful of known fun fair/amusement parks in North Korea - all of which are in Pyongyang. The sign above the entrance/exit to the roller coaster says, "세상에 부럽 없어라", which can be translated as "Don't Envy Anything In This World." Unfortunately, none of the rides seemed to be in operation when I was there, probably because the April Spring Friendship Art Festival was taking place in honor of The Great Leader's 100th birthday.

Six months prior to my visit, the KCNA had this to say about the fun fair:

The fun fair, built under deep concern of President Kim Il Sung and general secretary Kim Jong Il, was opened in October Juche 66 (1977).

It covers 180 000 square meters.

It includes many amusement apparatuses like jet coaster, mad mouse, bumper car, spacecraft and sliding boat.

It is also furnished with beverage stores, restaurants and other service facilities.

More than a million people, including foreigners, enjoy themselves in the fun fair every year.

After my visit, the DPRK renovated the Mangyongdae & Taesongsan Fun Fairs in preparation for the 67th anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Roller coaster at the Taesongsan Fun Fair.