A Walk In The Park

One of the nice things about Seoul, is that there are these pockets of peace and quiet throughout this major megalopolis. The grounds of Seonjeongnueng, Royal Tombs from the Joseon Dynasty is just a 5 minute walk from Seolleung Station (Exit. 8). At times, you can lose yourself with the trees shielding you from the urban jungle that lurks just outside the grounds. Visiting on a Saturday morning, I was a little surprised that there were a number of small groups of students with teachers, presumably on some sort of small field trip learning about Korean history. I guess, business trips are the adult version of field trips?

While there are a few other Royal Tombs (also from the Joseon Dynasty) scattered throughout Seoul, Seonjeongnueng is probably the most accessible of them all. All of the Royal Tombs from this most famous of dynasties are inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List and worth spending an hour or so of your time exploring.