In Korean, maerong (메롱) is a playful gesture of sticking your tongue out to tease someone a bit. It's the first thing I thought of when I watched giraffes eating acacia leaves.

Safari Tip: If you're going on a guided safari in the morning, make sure it's a tour that leaves before breakfast, and not after. There's a couple main reasons for this. In the early morning, it's cooler, and the wildlife is more active and eating. In the hot midday sun, many of the animals will be resting in the shade of a tree. That's a good time for you yourself to take a break from the heat and relax.

The second reason is, for the light. I took this shot during the blue hour. If you've been learning about photography, you'll know the importance of shooting during the blue or golden hours. If you want the best shot, you got to have the best light.

Giraffe feeding on acacia trees inside Etosha National Park.