Freezing Over

Freezing Over

For my penultimate night in Greenland, I decided to walk over to Hotel Arctic, which is supposed to be the finest hotel in the entire country. The hotel restaurant, Restaurant Ulo, is similarly considered as one of the best, if not the best restaurant in the country, so naturally I had to check it out!

From my hotel, Google maps said it's only about a 25min (1.2mi) walk, so I figured with the wonderful photographic twilight still illuminating the sky, might as well walk it. After all, not like I was in some big rush or anything considering the limited options when you're over a hundred miles north of the arctic circle.

Hotel Arctic is more or less separated from the rest of Ilulissat by this small harbor. Over the course of a few days, I saw the harbor completely freeze over and thaw out again. Truly amazing how the variation of a few degrees can change the entire look. Seeing the boats drive through the ice was equally impressive to me.

About 35mins and 1.6 miles later, after a few minor photographic detours, I made it to the restaurant and prepared to feast on some of the finest Greenlandic cuisine available. Santa's little helper? Not here. Not here my friend. More like Baron's belly filler. And wrapped in a thick slab of bacon no less! The answer to bacon is always yes. Not your average breakfast bacon mind you, but more like what I imagine bacon to look like if it ate a dozen other strips of bacon, and was cooked to a juicy tenderness in the style of bbq'd baby back ribs.

Reindeer in bacon and celery pure with flavor of burned heather served with parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, mashed potatoes and ramsom creme. Oh, and in case you're wondering, in Greenland, Santa comes by dog sled, so no love lost for poor, delicious Rudolph here.