Mono Lake Basin Road

Over the weekend I took a quick, 800mi (that's 1287km, metric fans) road trip out to visit primarily Mono Lake and the ghost town of Bodie. This trip could have been a bit shorter if the Tioga or Sonora passes were open, but since neither were it's an extra hour or so more driving further north to cross the Sierra Nevada mountains.

TRAVEL TIP: If you plan to make the trip as well, be sure to check the California DOT's website for current road conditions as the passes may be open/closed depending on the weather.

The sites of interest out here have paved roads until the last 1-3 miles more or less. I believe this is to enhance the experience of the visit by making you feel like it takes a bit more effort to get to see something incredible and beautiful. This photo is from route 120, which you take to get to the South Tufa area of Mono Lake, before turning off onto the gravel Test Station Road.

Exploring California's beautiful landscapes.