The Cuban Potter

Cuba Week!

This may be a bit of a growing trend for me. Generally I like to post a photo from a different country each weekday throughout the week, but lately I'm more taken by the notion of doing a week after a trip to focus on just one country. Of course, things get pretty hectic and realistically it takes me a few weeks before I can actually do this, so this week, I'll be posting photos from my recent trip to Cuba. Since it was a relatively short trip, and given the nature of my preconceived notions for what shooting in Cuba would be like, I decided to rent a fancy black and white Leica rangefinder camera to take some photos. If you've never shot a rangefinder before, let me just say, it takes some practice!

Daily Photo - The Cuban Potter

While taking a guided tour of Trinidad, we made a stop at a ceramics workshop. It felt a bit more like the typical forced shopping stop on a group tour, which is one of several reasons why I generally abstain from group tours. I hate the time that is largely wasted just being in a store instead of exploring an area. While I disliked the commercialization aspect, I did appreciate seeing actual potters practicing their trade.

There's only two actual tour companies in Cuba, so, regardless of who you book your tour with outside of Cuba, in the end you will be on a tour from one of the two local companies. Whatever you pay, you end up on the same buses, with the same guides, going to the same places. Keep that in mind when comparing your options.

Photo shot with the Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) paired with a Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH lens. This camera only shoots in black & white.