Heart Shapred Northern Lights

Better Late Than Never

I'm finally back! It was unfortunately a much longer break from posting than I had ever expected, but also a much needed break to just catch up on so many things. It took quite a bit of time to ingest the 27,000+ photos & videos I shot (over 2 terabytes) throughout my trip, most of which I still haven't had time to even review, but not for much longer. I'm really excited to start sharing photos of some of the amazing places I visited and the beautiful people and landscapes I encountered. But first, a little diversion. Since I got back, I ended up traveling on a couple short trips including my first visit to Canada to try and view the Northern Lights again.

Daily Photo - Heart Shaped Northern Lights

Is it just me? Or do you see it too? It looks like the northern lights formed a heart in the sky. It was actually pretty cool, and relatively short lived. The lights were dancing and seemed to form a circle in the sky before disappearing.

This was my second time to see the Northern Lights. The first time was in Greenland, and while I did seem them, it left me wanting more. They weren't that strong, but this time I lucked out. A couple days before New Year's, there was some strong solar activity so by the time it reached Earth on New Year's Eve, there was pretty solid showing of the lights.

The Northern Lights reveal themselves outside of Boréale Ranch in the Yukon Territory.