A Burst Of Color

Buddhists make offerings to Buddha in order to create positive energy. They want to develop good qualities like giving, respect, and gratitude. There are various things that are offered to Buddha in this regard such as water (symbolizes clarity and calmness), fruit (symbolizes the fruit of enlightenment) and flowers.

Fresh and beautiful flowers don't last long. After a few days they lose their lovely scent, become withered, and get discolored. This is a reminder of Buddha's teaching that all things are impermanent. Therefore, we should value what we have now, and live in the present.

While making my way through Shan State, in the town of Kyuakme there was a small roadside market. Mostly filled with a number of stalls selling bundles of these beautiful and fragrant flowers. It was one of those small pleasures while traveling where you spend a few more minutes of your time at an unexpected stop to see something you might not see back home. A vibrant explosion of color.