Stop Moto

Life in almost every developing corner of the world is synonymous with motorcycles. Cheap and affordable compared to other means of transportation, it's more a wonder when they're not present (Yangon) than when they are. Generally there were plenty of motorcycles buzzing around Goma, but once you got outside of the city, motorized vehicles gave way to the chukudu and other similar forms of human-powered locomotion.

I passed through Goma on my way to and from Virunga National Park. Ever since I visited, I've become a big fan of the park. Even though only a small portion of the park is actually open to tourism, what I saw was incredible. It is with no small effort that the park is even open at all, and I have a huge respect for the park rangers trying to protect the wildlife. 

But actually, it's not just the wildlife they're protecting. In a story by The Guardian over the weekend, the director of the park and Belgian prince, Emmanuel de Merode speaks to the efforts and human costs by the park's rangers. It's a great quick read that may help you appreciate just exactly how difficult the circumstances are for the Virunga rangers.