Telepathic Sheep
Ewe and her lamb, some of the many sheep on the island.

Ewe and her lamb, some of the many sheep on the island.

Much of the roads in the Faroe Islands seems to be concentrated on driving along the coasts. It makes sense really - the roads were built to connect the villages, and settling on the coast of an island seems pretty natural. The islands are all relatively close to each other, and, you can even see the island of Viðoy across the ocean in the top left.

The drive to the abandoned settlement of Múli hugs the north-east coast of Borðoy island. As elsewhere in the Faroes, there's not a lot of cars in the rural areas. Well, the whole country is pretty rural really, but relative to the actual towns, the rural areas don't seem to get a ton of traffic, even considering it was high season when I visited. So good to visit somewhere remote and not cluttered with tourists!

It was a funny coincidence. I was just mentioning to my friends how, the one shot I hadn't yet gotten in the Faroes is something I consider almost an iconic shot for the islands. That of sheep in the middle of the road. We had seen plenty of sheep run across the road, but none just hanging out in the middle of one.

Not even two minutes later, we drove past these sheep and pulled over to take some photos. They literally came RUNNING down the street after us. It's like they knew I needed this shot and they wanted to be in it! Telepathic sheep! Truth be told, I think they were just hoping for some food, but they're sheep and have tons of green grass to graze on all around them. Then again, there's no natural predators of sheep in the islands, so they had nothing to be scared of.