Road Trip Through Iceland

Road Trip Through Iceland

Following my road trip through the Faroe Islands, after a quick stop in Copenhagen, I continued on for a week long road-trip through Iceland. It was more like a two day vacation plus four days of working remotely while traveling. Anything to squeeze in a bit more of travel time!

Daily Photo - Kirkjufell Mountain

It is said to be Iceland's most photographed mountain. At 463m high, it's not exactly towering, but makes for a beautiful backdrop to the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. "Foss" is Icelandic for waterfall, and the other Scandinavian countries seem to have fairly similar words for waterfall as well. For example, in Faroese, the term for waterfall is "fossa."

The mountain juts out of the water and is connected to Snæfellsnes peninsula. In a way, the Kirkjufell is like a mini-peninsula connected to a peninsula. Just have a look at this Google map, and be sure to zoom out to get the full picture.



The entire Snæfellsnes peninsula is absolutely beautiful, and is known as "Iceland in Miniature" as many national sights can be found in the area. 

I spent a day exploring the peninsula, and while I definitely saw a lot, it also felt a bit rushed. Perhaps 1.5 or 2 full days would have been a better amount of time to spend on the peninsula. I would love to come back some day and capture some more photos of this beautiful sight under the dazzling Northern Lights.