Bend It Like Thrihnukagigur

Bend It Like Thrihnukagigur

The hike to Thrihnukagigur volcano is a beautiful 2mi hike. I suppose most people aren't familiar with this particular volcano, and that's ok. It's not particularly famous, but it is a super cool place to visit in Iceland. In 2012 it was opened to tourism, and it's the only volcano in the world where you can take an elevator into the magma chamber of the volcano.

Going inside a volcano? AWESOME! I mean, it's a place you wouldn't expect humans could go, but sure enough, you can. Only in Iceland! In the DRC I went to the rim of the world's largest lava lake, and that was an amazing sight to see. It's nice to see a volcano from the inside though. From my non-scientific viewpoint, it's not too different from a large cave.

It was about a 45min hike to the volcano, throughout this beautiful landscape with bits of lava rock popping up in different directions. It wasn't too far from this spot where, our group stepped aside for a brief talk from the guide as David and Victoria Beckham, along with their kids jogged past us to get to the volcano. 

Apparently they arranged their own private early morning tour but were running a bit late. Didn't affect my tour at all, except, I wish I was at least a bit more of a soccer fan so I would've recognized him and gotten a quick photo. Surprisingly enough, I don't think a single person in the group of a dozen or so tourists I was with recognized the Beckhams, except for the guide who naturally was professional about the whole thing and didn't tell us until after our tour ended. I'd like to imagine David and Victoria were confused, wondering why none of these tourists recognized them, but hope they enjoyed their time inside the amazing Thrihnukagigur volcano!

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