Navigating Dogon Country

The links between the villages in Dogon Country aren't really well developed yet. There's roads, sure, but not really made for cars. Actually, I don't recall seeing many cars at all make their way out there. Camels and cattle though, that's the real help for getting between villages aside from walking on foot or hiking between them.

It's not just Dogon villages, but I think every village I visited in Mali had a sign like the one on the right, or something similar. USAID and/or other foreign aid groups investing in the villages to improve the quality of life for the people. It's nice to see the money at work, although some projects are more beneficial than others. Wells for clean drinking water? Sounds like a good idea. Just need to make sure the people can maintain the well in case it breaks down, otherwise, a new one needs to be built by yet another aid organization.