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It's easy to take the internet for granted. Living in the developed world, internet access is easy to come by. Hell, even when I visited Greenland a couple years ago I had 4G access when I was in the towns! While the U.S. is generally not considered to be in the top-ten most wired/connected countries in the world, it should have a reasonable ranking of within the top-20. It could definitely be better, but it's a huge country.

Contrast this with places like Burma, which is one of the least connected countries in the world. Ok, Eritrea, you beat Burma in being even less connected, but then again, you're also at the very bottom of the World Press Freedom Index. Taken in that context, if you want to connect, small internet cafes and shops like this one can become a vital lifeline of connectivity. Such is life in this land of contrasting Buddhist ideals and beauty with decades long military rule.