On A Spiritual Journey

Mandalay Hill, at 240m (790 ft) tall is home to a number of monasteries and pagodas. Somewhere on its top with amazing views is the Su Taung Pyi Pagoda. As the sun dwindled in the horizon, Buddhist practitioners starting laying out rows and rows of candles. Large swaths of the flooring was covered in candle sticks, each with its own holder. One of the other tourists on my tour met these three young monks, and introduced them to me. It was fantastic to see them practicing their English skills. In Myanmar, many children get sent to become monks because the monasteries provide food, education and housing. It can be a cheaper way to raise a kid. Whether the child truly embraces the spiritual journey or not, well, you can usually figure it out if they're no longer a monk in their adult life. As darkness came, people started lighting the candles in what was a harmonious and magical moment. A moment that I might have tried to stretch out quite a bit. Sometimes, you're just enjoying things too much and want to get the full experience.