Pilgrims Of Ethiopia Part 3

A small town in the north of Ethiopia, Lalibela is home to some 18,000 people. The town was built as a New Jerusalem some 800 years ago by King Lalibela when Muslims captured Jerusalem. Now home to 11 rock-hewn churches and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For a few days every January, tens of thousands of Christian Ethiopian pilgrims blanket the town to celebrate Genna (Christmas). The Ethiopian Orthodox Church observes Christmas in January, not December as in much of the world. So, I guess if you really wanted, you could celebrate Christmas both in December and January.

It all reminds me of the not-that-great James Bond flick, "The World Is Not Enough." I don't want to spoil the last lines of the movie, but if you've seen it, hopefully you'll remember the line. And forever have a weird association of Lalibela and "The World Is Not Enough."