Southern Pyramids Of Meroe

Of the 50 royal pyramids constructed at Meroe, 41 of them are clustered together in the north, and 9 in the south. While the pyramids are the star of the show, the site is a big cemetery with 195 other tombs. Of the 9 royal pyramids, four belonged to Kings, and 5 to Queens. The location served as the cemetery for the Meroitic side of the royal family from 720 - 300 BCE.

Now you know some basic facts about Meroe. Perhaps more facts than you cared to know, but it's too late, you've already read them. Overall, they're a sight to behold. I haven't been to Egypt, but they no doubt pale in comparison to the grandeur of the Great Pyramids. Still, they captivate you and draw you towards them.

I visited these pyramids both at sunset and sunrise. As is normally the case, sunrise offers the opportunity to spend at least a few minutes if not an hour alone wondering the pyramids. A few locals on camels try to sell you a ride, but really, the site is not so big nor so tough that you can't manage to walk around and take it all in.