The Money Man

The Money Man

Somaliland likes to pride itself on just how safe it is compared to the rest of Somalia. In comparison, they're right. Wayyyyy safer than the rest of Somalia! Just how safe? Well, safe enough that the money exchangers don't mind having stall after stall of cash sitting out. Kinda crazy, no?

The Somaliland shilling is, generally speaking, pretty worthless. I don't remember the exchange rate, but let's say I had collected up some change throughout my trip and then used like 4 or 5 bills to buy a bottle of water that cost less than a dollar.

For all intents and purposes, US dollars are a far more practical currency in Somaliland than the local shillings. So, while these giant stacks do represent perhaps even thousands of dollars, all those bills combined in front of this money man is perhaps enough to buy a new laptop. 

You're not exactly going to get rich quick by trying to snatch some of this away. More likely, you will change some money and get a small bag to carry it away in. Or bring your own wheelbarrow with to cart it away (no joke).

If you do find yourself in Hargeisa, do make sure you stop by and visit the money market. It's definitely one of the more unique things you can see in this small strip of desert.