If you don't already know about Sossusvlei/Deadvlei, you should read up a bit and check some photos out - it's an amazing place! Surreal natural beauty, but also, incredible location for shadows, especially your own! The ground in the pan is pretty flat, and when the sun is rising, you just get these ridiculously long shadows that are much larger than yourself.

The whole experience of walking around here feels almost sacred. If you're a photographer, you probably tried to stay inside the park at Sossus Dune Lodge, so that you can get early access to Sossusvlei. Which means, you just drove for like an hour pre-dawn to get here, and you know you have limited time till that golden hour will be gone. Basically had the entire pan to myself except for one other photographer that showed up while I was climbing one of the dunes around Deadvlei. It just blows my mind that I pretty much had an entire UNESCO world heritage site to myself for an hour!