The Otherwordly Deadvlei

Surrounded by the highest sand dunes in the world, the stark, sun burnt lifeless acacia trees rise up from the white clay pan of Deadvlei. The feeling is eerie, as if you just landed on some alien planet. Everything is different than it should be, yet, somehow familiar. The sun is rising, and you can feel it beat against your skin. Beauty looms all around you, but the only sign of life is the small desert shrubs that survive off the morning mist in the air.

If you're visiting Namibia for the first time, this is likely your number one destination. You'd be forgiven for skipping the rest of this relatively unknown country, but you would do well to explore it further. From the ghost town of Kolmanskop in the south to the wildlife in Etosha National Park in the north and the Ovahimba that inhabit the land, you will find a rewarding and enriching experience. The kind of travel that changes you.

Dead acacia trees of Deadvlei, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.