Muddy Elephant

At the tail end of my road trip through Namibia, I dedicated 3 days to safari in Etosha National Park. Being my first time on safari, I wasn't sure what it'd be like. I can say now, it is amazing! Different parks have different rules, but in Etosha you can drive yourself around the park in your own vehicle. You're not supposed to open your doors or get out of your vehicle while in the park and off the resort grounds. Initially I thought that it would be a lot harder to photograph this way as I didn't want to worry about driving and photographing, but it turns out this is actually a good set up. Shooting out the window isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

You can also go on guided tours, where you get into a safari vehicle (like a modified land rover). The drives I went on, the driver was also the guide/animal spotter. These guys are truly impressive! They're able to spot game from so far away that I would never have noticed. Now, elephants are a bit harder to miss, so that wasn't the case here, but just in general they were all pretty impressive.

We found this guy with a buddy of his (not shown) just relaxing and cooling off with some muddy water. Our driver got us surprisingly close to these bachelors. I really enjoyed taking these photos - they're all splotchy from the mud they've played in.

Elephant in Etosha National Park