Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

After taking the Yuping Cableway up the mountain, if you walk around a little this is one of the views you will be treated to. You can see the path on the side of the mountain in the distance. The mountain range was formed about 100 million years ago and is known for its great view of the clouds.

Waiting in line for the cable car wouldn't have been so bad, but the person behind me walked into my backpack almost every single time the line moved forward. So annoying! Once we got to the top, while busy, it didn't seem so bad for the most part. Definitely way more people than I'm accustomed to while hiking elsewhere. There were some choke points on the mountain however, where you are literally moving just so slow in a long line to walk up or down some steps. I guess none of those people have been in a subway in a major asian metropolis where people pile in and out like crazy.

Elevation: 5,387 ft (1,642m)

Yellow Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.