Rest Stop Corn

Nik Software makes one of the best collection of plugins around in my opinion. While more and more, I do the majority of my editing directly in Lightroom, rarely is there an image that can't get that extra little touch from Color Efex Pro. They also make a great mobile photo editor called Snapseed. Great products I've come to depend on.

After Google bought Nik Software, I was worried that they would slowly kill off the product, and it'd be no more. Last week was the first time the collection of plugins has been updated that I know of since they were aquired. They introduced the brand new Analog Efex Pro, which is pretty neat. While some effects can definitely be done in lightroom, there's enough unique stuff in there that makes it worthwhile to check out. Today's photo is the first one I've edited using Analog Efex Pro, and I hope you like the effect. What do you think?

Today's Photo - Rest Stop Corn

When taking the Pyongyang - Kaesong Highway (평개 고속도로), roughly midway between the two cities is a rest stop. If you're visiting Kaesong, you will certainly stop here, where you'll have a chance to buy some small crafts or refreshments, and be treated to a song by the women working there. As I often do, I tried to look around a bit, and when I walked up to the second floor I found all this corn that was likely part of the autumn harvest.

Ears of corn at a rest stop in North Korea.