This is the main road in Kangerlussuaq. A town of only 512 people, but also the primary airport in Greenland. The airport was built during WWII by the US as the area has relatively clear skies for about 300 days per year, and is much more favorable for aviation than near the coast. This also makes it a good spot to see the Northern Lights from.

As the town is quite small, most of the people seem to work for the airport or somehow related to tourism. There's really not much to do here. Anything more than a couple days and you'll be bored out of your mind. The airport sort of divides the town in two, and this is the northern side of town.

The first building on the left is a Pilersuisoq, which is a general store - convenience store, groceries, and everything else all mixed in. I was really impressed by just how well stocked it was considering the small size of the town. Not a lot of fresh produce, but there were some potatoes and a few other vegetables along with fresh baked breads.

The main road in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.