The Wall of Waterfalls

One of the more popular, beautiful, and definitely accessible World Heritage Sites, Iguazu Falls. With up to 275 drops (depending on water flow) spread across 2.7km (1.7mi), this is one of the grandest waterfalls in the world. The falls range from 60-82m (197-269ft) in height.

Walking among the falls grants new respect to the awesome power and ferocity with which nature displays itself throughout this marvelous world we live in. I'm on a quest to see and photograph as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as I can when I visit a new country, and this one is quite remarkable. I spent roughly 2.5 days exploring it from both the Argentinian (pictured) and Brazilian sides and still feel a sense of wonder looking back at my photos.

Some of the many waterfalls that comprise the Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls.