The Curve Of Iguazu Falls

One of the many grand views of Iguazu Falls. There are a few hundred waterfalls, so these are just a fraction of what you'll see when you visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site. I spent about 2.5 days exploring the falls from both Argentina and Brazil, which I would say was about the right amount of time. Two days could work, but any less and you'll have to decide which part of the falls you want to see. Given that flight times may not be the most optimal, spending a couple days at this impressive sight is well worth the time.

There's a few different paths for exploring the falls, both the lower falls and the upper falls. They're well created and pretty much everyone has access to them. Some of the more impressive sights are even handicap accessible. Good idea to bring a poncho or rain jacket of some type, as if you really want to experience the falls, you'll get quite wet from the spray.

Experience the full power and awe of thunderous waterfalls at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.