Valley of the Sugar Mills

While touring in Trinidad, I had a guided tour in the morning that included lunch, but a free afternoon. I figured that meant I would be done at 1 or 2pm the latest, but in the end it was more like 3pm. It all worked out though, for as soon as I got back to my hotel, I asked them to get me a taxi with an English speaking driver to drive me out to a couple places I had wanted to see.

The Valle de los Ingenios, or Valley of the Sugar Mills is a UNESCO World Heritage Site just 12km (7.5mi) outside of Trinidad. The hotel said it should take about 2hrs to go by taxi, see everything I wanted and come back, and it would cost 60 CUCs (~$67 USD). That seemed reasonable enough to me for hiring a private taxi.

When the taxi driver showed up, he told me he'l take me to the places I was interested in, and not to worry about the time and to take as many photos as I want. In the end, we were out and about for 3hrs and he suggested an additional place to visit, so I really saw all that I wanted.

Shooting out above the trees is the Manaca Iznaga Tower. At 45m (147ft), it's the largest tower of its kind in Cuba, and I think throughout the Caribbean. It could be used to look out over the plantations and see the 11,000 slaves that worked the field in the 19th century.

A horse grazes with the Manaca Iznaga tower rising in the background, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.