Cape Horn

The Cape sits at the northern edge of the Drake Passage, and is the southernmost part of South America. After being knocked about for two days in some of the roughest seas in the world, it's a bit of a welcome relief to see Cape Horn. At the same time, it signals the end of a fantastic expedition, and a bit of sadness as a few last bits of reminiscing are in order.

Cape Horn is located in what are Chilean waters, so, I guess I've been to Chile? I generally have a rule that to count a country as having been visited, you need to leave the airport and walk around a bit...but, can cruising around count too if you never set foot on land? Between you and me, I'll just count this as Antarctica as it's part of the grand expedition, and probably less confusing that way.

Cape Horn as seen from the Akademik Ioffe, designated as part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 2005.