Feeding The Chick

Penguins are endlessly entertaining when they're waddling around, but there's more reasons to watch them than for just entertainment. Seeing them at their nests, interacting with their neighbors and their chicks. If you actually see a penguin colony up close, you'll see a hive of activity with lots of penguins moving about. It's a small wonder they can find each other, but adults are able to locate their chicks by the distinctive calls they make.

Watching these little furballs sure was amazing. Beats anything you'll see at the zoo. Occasionally I'd hear the young chicks calling out, seemingly begging for more food. Caught this adult chinstrap feeding its young. I spared you the more graphic photo of it regurgitating the food as it's pretty gross to look at in a still. Super cool to see them feeding in person though.

Adult chinstrap feeds its chick.