Just because it's a flightless bird, doesn't mean this Gentoo Penguin can't try, right? As cute as these penguins are waddling around, they do plenty of jumping, falling down, and sliding around too. When they make a small hop like this though, it's a bit amusing to see how tiny their wings are, but it probably helps them out with some balance here. Then again, they often fall over anyways given the position of their feet relative to the rest of their body mass, so spreading their wings probably has only a minimal benefit here.

When you're surrounding by thousands of penguins, after a while it's like, "Oh cool, more penguins." Nearly two years later, it's like "Damn, I miss those smelly little guys." If I get the chance to visit Antarctica again, I don't know if I would take more photos or spend more time with my camera down. I think part of the excitement is just trying to capture them in the moment, doing something cute or funny.