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Notice anything different today? Well, after over two years of the previous website design, it was starting to feel a bit stale. While I can't say I'm fully settled on this design, I think it's a huge improvement over the last one. I'm still sprinkling a bit of magic bits and bytes around here and there to clean things up, but I hope you like the change. What do you think?

Daily Photo - Risk It All

Gentoo penguins march along the Antarctic coastline.

Gentoo penguins march along the Antarctic coastline.

Penguins are both timid and fearless. On land, these Gentoo Penguins roam relatively fearless, with no predators. In the water however, sea lions, leopard seals, and killer whales enjoy a tasty penguin snack. Killer whales work with the other members of their pod to coordinate attacks, going so far to try to bump into the ice from below to try to knock a penguin off.

When penguins get close to water, be it at the edge of an ice berg or some rocks like here, there always seems to be some hesitation. Inevitably, one brave (or clumsy) penguin will dive into the water. Within moments, all the other neighboring penguins will follow suit.

It can be pretty comical watching these little hesitation rituals play out. In this case, the penguins were walking in one direction, and would then change their mind and start walking back. After going back and forth a few times, they eventually leapt into the water.