The Old Transporter

Ever since I visited the incredibly awesome ghost town of Kolmanskop in the Namibian desert, I've been pretty interested in exploring other ghost towns. Bodie is supposed to be the best one in California, and as for Nevada, Rhyolite is apparently right on up there. I don't think it'll be possible to find anything as impressive as Kolmanskop in the western world, but that's not going to stop me from looking.

Beginning in early 1905 after a nearby gold discovery, the town quickly declined after Charles M Schwab's neighboring  Montgomery Shoshone Mine closed in 1911. By 1920 the town had no more residents and its ruins turned into a tourist attraction and setting for movies.

Rhyolite is just off of highway 384 in western Nevada. It's considerably more accessible than Bodie as the roads are in good condition. Being on the smaller side, plan for 30-60mins to fully see the town depending on your interests.