Land Of The Navajo

A morning photographic tour excursion through the Navajo Nation's Monument Valley Tribal Park. Filled with landscapes both familiar and foreign. Various American Westerns were filmed in the area, and it continues to be the backdrop for Hollywood films every now and again.

Getting to the park is pretty straightforward. Near the Arizona-Utah border, good paved roads bordered by stunning scenery bring you to the park. Hotels are not exactly numerous, and if you want the best view, you have to book in advance at The View hotel. The website can be a little confusing to navigate, and I realized they had individual cabins for booking, which were surprisingly available last minute - probably because people didn't realize they existed even though the hotel was fully booked. Great place to stay with amazing views and access to the park at your door. Do, book a tour to drive you through the park unless you have a high-clearance vehicle and aren't worried about potential rock damage. Not a great idea for rental passenger cars.

Morning reflections in Monument Valley.