The American West

This is one of those places that is easy to overlook, yet offers amazing beauty. I don't frequently look into domestic travel because, well - that's something I can do anytime. But this is a vast country, with many beautiful sights to see. I can no longer put off visiting them all.

Monument Valley has been home to movies taking place in the American West for nearly a century now. If you've never heard of Monument Valley, you probably recognize the landscapes from the numerous films they appeared in. Anytime you're traveling in a place as developed as the US, you're bound to vie for the best spots to take a photo and struggle to cope with the numerous tourists that are always in your shot.

What better way to avoid the crowds than to see the landscape in the golden blue light at the crack of dawn? Quiet and without the noisy cacophony of tourists. Not that it ever gets as crowded as Times Square, but it's all relative when you're in the land of nature. With rugged scenery, Monument Valley is likely to continue to find favor in American cinema for decades to come.