Don't Stand Out

The Revolutionary Martrys' Cemetery is the resting place for the North Korean soldiers who fought against the Japanese colonial rule of Korea. Among those buried here include Kim Jong-suk, the first wife of Kim Il-sung, the Eternal President of North Korea as well as the mother to Kim Jong-il. Additionally, Kim Pan-sok, the mother of Kim Il-sung and the "Mother of Korea" is buried in the cemetery as well.

Being the special day that it was, the 100th birthday of Kim Il-sung, soldiers came out in droves to visit the cemetery in addition to other significant sites throughout Pyongyang. Normally, tourists are not allowed to take photos of the military in North Korea, but as this was a special day, there were some exceptions to this rule for a change, and I was lucky to get this photo opportunity. The large hats of the soldiers is something I always find interesting. Is it really practical? Or functional?