Deception Island

What's the coolest shape for an island? If you ask me, it would be this circular-shaped island with a small entrance, just like Deception Island. Perfect fit for a secret lair or quiet getaway. In reality, this is considered to be one of the safest harbors in Antarctica.

Neptune's Bellows, at only 230m wide serves as the entrance to the harbor. Aptly named after the Roman god of the sea, the entrance reveals a bay with stunning views surrounded by mountains. The center of the island is actually a caldera that has been flooded by the sea.

Being part of a caldera, the black sand beach is actually quite warm - or, at least pretty warm by Antarctic standards. It was also the location our expedition did its polar plunge. While the experience of doing the polar plunge is perhaps is a bit jarring to the body, it sure does feel nice to have your feet on some toasty sand afterwards as you shiver and towel off while trying to warm up.

This 5-image 100MP+ panorama can be seen in full on my flickr. Just click the image and enjoy!