Puffin Grazing

Definitely one of the most cartoon like animals out there, is the Atlantic Puffin. It's also got to be right up there in the running for cutest bird along with the waddling Penguin. Why aren't more of nature's creatures this cartoon like? I guess the rest evolved based on actual need, so not sure what happened here.

Climate change is believed to be a leading factor in the relatively recent collapse of Puffin breeding that is decimating the population. As climate change warms the water, there's less food available for the puffins to eat, and their chicks are not getting enough food to grow and survive. A sad, cruel fate for such a beautiful bird.

Not only is climate change harming these birds, but it's popular to hunt them throughout Iceland and of course, in the Faroes as well, although some restrictions have been placed to reduce this effect. The actual act of hunting them is called "Sky Fishing" as the hunters literally take big nets to catch the low-flying birds with.