Summit of Hallasan

After a 9.6km (6mi) hike with a 1200m (3,937ft) elevation change, I reached the summit of the tallest peak in South Korea, Mt. Halla at 1950m (6,398 ft). My guide hiked up like it was nothing, but this was my first real hike and I was clueless to the fact that even though it was nice and green on the ground, that in late November it was a snow-capped peak complete with slippery ice on the way up. I was so ill-prepared!

I had learned that there was a crater lake (백록담/Baengnokdam) at the summit from watching KDramas, and was eager to see it. Apparently, the lake exists in the spring & summer, but not in winter. Total fail on my part! 

Once above the treeline, the winds are brutal in the cold. I don't think I managed to stay at the summit for more than 10mins before I decided to descend. Sometimes, the journey is more important and memorable than the destination.