Dusk In Grand Canyon

Somehow, I never get around to seeing the Grand Canyon until earlier this month. Grand doesn't begin to describe the awe and wonder I felt upon wondering my gaze through the canyon. If Tiananmen Square is meant to make the common person feel small and insignificant compared to the greater state, than the Grand Canyon makes the state seem like a speck of dust.

Arriving and checking in to the Yavapai Lodge maybe 15-20 mins before sunset, I didn't have much time to hustle over to see the canyon. Staying inside the park, however, meant it was a short drive to the visitor center followed by about a 5 min walk to the South Rim. Even though it was the Friday of Labor Day Weekend, surprisingly it didn't seem too crowded although I wasn't exactly alone. Quickly set up shop with my tripod and took a couple photos which I've stitched together into this panorama.

Now that I've seen the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, I feel like I'd really like to see it from some other locations. Like the less crowded North Rim for instance. The Skywalk, if you're wondering, is on the West side of the canyon, and also would be fun to do I imagine.

Prior to this, the only other major canyon I've seen was Fish River Canyon in Namibia. It's the largest canyon in Africa, and sometimes referred to as the second largest canyon after the Grand Canyon, although I'm not sure how that's measured. There's no comparison between the two though. The Grand Canyon has won me over.

View from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.