Penguin Beach Day

This isn't you ordinary day at the beach. The largest colony of Magellanic penguins in South America come to Punta Tombo to incubate their eggs and raise their chicks, preparing them for migration. Located along the Atlantic coast in Argentinian Patagonia, the area has been carved out as a reserve and protected by provincial decree since 1979.

Magellanic penguins are considered to be medium sized, growing to 24-30" tall and weighing between 6.0 - 14.3 lb. Their name comes from none other than famed Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan who first spotted the penguins in 1520.

The nature reserve, once reached, is well set up for tourism. The paths are marked to keep humans in check while permitting the penguins to roam as they need to. The penguins will go down to the ocean to catch fish, and perhaps enjoy some socialization at the beach. They will then make their way further than you might expect inland to their burrows.